5 Reasons Buyers Love Neutrals

It took me a while to embrace the neutral schemes of Australia. Originally from the UK – where colour is dictated by the cooler climate – I was initially surprised by (dare I say) the blandness of Australian homes.

Head into the city, The Rocks, or the inner west and you find much more diversity in terms of colour and texture. But here on the Northern Beaches, we like to let the landscape do the talking.

And while it may look easy to craft a neutral scheme that looks effortless when it is finished, there is a fine art to getting it right. And success has a lot to do with texture and layering.

On the Northern Beaches, we like to let the landscape do the talking

Personally, a successful neutral scheme for me incorporates a subtle blend of neutral tones and textures, a touch of black (to add weight and anchorage to the room), an eclectic mix of raw materials and finishes, and an abundance of green foliage to infuse energy.

An eclectic range of finishes and textures add a sense of journey to the space

I love the harmony of mixing old with new, so if I opt for crisp, new white linen sofas, say, I’ll mix them up with antique and recycled pieces for my occasional tables or footstools. An eclectic range of finishes and textures add a sense of journey to the space. Texture can be added by cushions, rugs and throws, and additional depth comes from the right artworks. Driftwood, recycled timbers, glass, and even fur make the perfect materials to add depth and nostalgia to a room – even in a contemporary setting.

There’s nothing more relaxing than luxuriating in a naturally light room on crisp white sofas, listening to the rustle of leaves, or the break of the waves from the local beach for that perfect sense of wellbeing.

My favourite decorator pieces at the moment include white clay beads, large white pots, raffia cushions, chenille rugs, and glazed stoneware – all of which can be sourced from online shops such as Tabletonic and La Maison, or from local shops such as Orson and Blake, Papaya and Les Interieurs.

Below are my five reasons buyers love neutrals:

1. Neutrals maximise the light and space in your home. They provide a blank canvas for your buyers to imagine themselves living there.

2. Neutrals harmonise beautifully with nature, and in particular with coastal landscapes. They work best when they are balanced by textured finishes from timber, metal, natural fibres, and foliage.

Traditional living area with cream sofas, timber coffee table and textured soft furnishings.

3. Neutrals and natural light are a perfect partnership. Balanced correctly, they create a relaxed vibe that improves the flow of a property.

4. Neutrals maximise the space of property, and your buyer is looking to maximise on their investment.

5. Australian homes are about bringing the outside in, and we are fortunate to have the climate to do that. Let the landscape do the talking.

Images: Found on Pinterest from bungalowblueinteriors.com, Indiehomecollective.com, and southshoredecoratingblog.com

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  1. Wonderful creation 👍


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