5 Stunning Ways To Use Black In Your Home

“Black is the new black” for one very good reason – the colour never dates. As a result of its versatility, black has been employed in the styling of interiors throughout time and in every conceivable style of decor.

Used as an accent, black can be used in any style of room – from Hamptons and Industrial, to Luxe and French Provincial. Because, despite being known (technically) as a neutral, black has the power to ground a room. And when used with more fervour, it adds sophistication and opulence to any space.

Why are so many people afraid to use black?

Bedroom with black bed frame, artwork, lamp, cushions and throw.
Image found on Pinterest

They worry it will darken a room or make a small room feel even smaller. And yet, used wisely, the colour is more likely to enrich a room rather than dominate it.

I wrote about the use of black in monochrome schemes here, but almost every style of room can take some black to create contrast, ground the space, and pull the different elements of a room together. Used sparingly – in furniture frames, artworks, lamps and cushions – it provides some backbone to neutral schemes.

The following are 5 ways to use black in your home:

1. Lampshades – Interior decorating is about creating contrast and what better way to add a touch of black than in lamp shades. Black shades, (particularly in bedrooms), add an extra layer of sophistication, glamor and warmth.

2. Cushions – A black cushion on a bed of neutrals will lift a sofa or bed. Black fringing on cushions adds a sense of decadence and ties in beautifully with black-framed artworks or photographic prints.

3. Rugs – Texture is as important as colour, and one of the easiest ways to add it to your room is in your rugs. Woven rugs that incorporate black are not only on trend, they are also practical. A hint of black or charcoal lifts a rug, particularly on a light tiled or carpeted floor.

4. Furniture – Other ways to incorporate black into your space is in wrought iron and powdered aluminium furniture frames or table tops made from granite and marble. Smaller pieces of painted furniture, such as occasional and bedside tables are another option. Used sparingly, the colour will add substance, rather than overpower the space.

5. Black mirrors or picture frames – Either of these options look stunning above a textured headboard in the master bedroom, or above the sofas in your living area. Alternatively, try hanging them in gallery format along a long neutral corridor or empty wall.

What success have you had with black?

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