The Best Storage Solutions For Styling Your Home To Sell

One of the main priorities for buyers when they choose their new home – after the condition of the kitchen and bathrooms – is storage. We lead busy lives and the functionalism of a property is essential to our modern lifestyle.

In this age of high consumerism, we collect a lot of “stuff”

Beautiful blue timber kitchen with a wealth of storage options.
Image from Rambling Renovators

Each area of a property needs a dedicated storage solution, although it doesn’t have to be built-in, necessarily – it may be a shoe cabinet in the entry hall or some toy baskets in the rumpus – but too much “clutter” will kill the dream lifestyle you are trying to showcase to your buyers, so make sure you have somewhere to conceal it.

Fortunately, most master bedrooms in Australia come with built-ins – which is lucky, considering how hard it is to source stylish, free-standing options.

But what if there aren’t any? Is it worth the cost to install them?

Yes, in my opinion.

Built-ins ARE a valuable investment, but only if you can afford them. There’s no doubt a large bedroom with no storage will put off a lot of Australian buyers, due to the cost and time required to organise new ones in what is already a very stressful time.

When you are styling to sell, you need a different mindset

If you are “flipping” property with substantial renovations, storage is obviously a massive consideration at the planning stage, and some of the design trends are not necessarily the most efficient when it comes to functionalism. And when you are styling to sell, you need a different mindset, ie. the mindset of what is going to appeal to the largest proportion of your buyer demographic.

While floating sinks look beautiful in interiors magazines, they’re not ideal when it comes to storage. And in the kitchen, it’s important to bear in mind the number of electrical appliances you own and the provision of adequate space for recycling boxes.

So, what should you make your priorities?

1. Invest in built-ins for the master bedroom – Frankly, not an option.

2. Integrate your home storage. If your wardrobes or built-in cupboards are outdated or dark in colour, refresh them with a coat of “white” paint to make the overall size of the space feel bigger. If you are installing new wardrobes, mirrored or white laminate finishes are a good option, and double hanging is a great space saver.

3. Hide the kids toys – Make sure the kids’ toys are packed away. If you don’t have integrated storage, hide them in baskets, which add texture to a room.

4. Use baskets – Fortunately, these are on trend and can be used to hide a multitude of sins – from shoes in the hallway, to magazines, beach towels, books, and plants. They also add texture and a sense of cosiness to your space.

5. Keep your kitchen bench top clean – avoid over-cluttering your kitchen bench top during inspections. Aside from a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers, keep the surface clear so your buyer can visualise the practical space it offers.

6. Design floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets – If you are installing a new kitchen to sell, floor to ceiling cabinets and islands with storage will double your storage space.

7. Open shelving – While these aren’t the ideal storage solution when styling a property to sell, they are a cheap, and quick and easy to install. If you are living in the property during your sales campaign, they are a great way to tidy away wellies and raincoats, sports equipment or shoes, and canvas bags full of rainy-day craft materials and games. Alternatively, use them to tidy away pot plants on your balcony or deck.

8. Smart furniture is the key to storage in small properties. Dual-purpose furniture not only looks good, but it also serves a purpose. Antique trunks and ottomans can double up as occasional tables as well as providing the perfect storage solution for your guest doona. A coffee table with a shelf underneath is the perfect vessel for magazines and books.

9. Labeled containers – You will need to think about how your garage is organised and labeled containers may offer the perfect solution. In Australia, the garage is an important space for your buyer, and they will need to see exactly how much space is on offer.

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For storage solutions, head to all the main home furniture stores such as Ikea , which offers a vast range of affordable storage solutions; Howard Storage which offers a stylish range for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, or Freedom, which continues to expand on its storage options. If you have time, check out some local carpentry and joinery businesses.

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