5 Cost-Effective Ways To Update An Older Property For Sale

Beautiful grey renovated cottage with landscaped gardens
Renovated Californian Bungalow from homestolove.com.au

If your home is what estate agents describe as “classic” or “older-style” – like traditional red brick homes, Californian Bungalows, or Fibro cottages – it may be worth investing in some updates prior to selling it.

First, some advice. Talk to your agent or stylist before you spend any money. Discuss with them which renovations are a worthwhile investment and which are not.

While big-spend areas like bathrooms and kitchens might seem the obvious choice, they may not be the best investment.

There may be other, less invasive, more cost-effective ways to bring your property in line with your competition on the market.

A new bench top in an old kitchen, a respray of an old bath, and a repaint of a tired fence may suffice.

Run your ideas past your team of experts before you rush to Bunnings to buy loads of things you don’t need

Obviously, some renovations cost more than others and each vendor’s financial situation is slightly different. What you need to understand is that in some situations, your buyer demographic may view your property as a knock-down – in which case it’s a complete waste of money to install a new kitchen or bathroom. Whereas, other older properties may benefit from a makeover, in which case a more comprehensive approach is worth considering.

If you do decide to take the plunge, these are the areas on which I’d focus:

1.Windows: For the main part, replacing windows only applies to houses and, in general, most timber windows are fine as long as they are in good repair. However, aluminium windows on an older-style property will date it in spite of their insulation benefits and durability. Replacing windows is a big investment, but in a large, period property, it is probably worth the expense.

Image found on Pinterest

2. Rendering or cladding your walls: Concrete rendering and timber cladding are not cheap updates, however, both options can transform the exterior of a property and that important first impression.

3. Glass balcony fencing and pool fencing: Traditional wrought iron fencing looks dated, whereas framed glass fencing maximises the space enclosed and frameless glass makes it disappear.

4. Timber floors: What’s not to love about timber flooring? It is stylish, practical and sustainable and it may be a cheaper option than you think if there are existing boards under your carpet. There is a wealth of timber, laminate and vinyl options on the market to suit most budgets.

5. Landscaping: A new layer of mulch and a good mow of the lawn may suffice for some properties, but others will require new landscaping. Tiered slopes, new drainage, and terracing are only a few things you need to consider to maximise your property’s appeal. While costly, the advice of a good landscaper and their in-depth knowledge about plants, drainage, weather patterns, and soil can be an invaluable way to prepare your home for the impacts of climate change.

Any minor, cost-effective updates you recommend?

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