6 Luxury Products To Get You Through A COVID Winter

Beautiful linen bedsheets.
Photo from Sheridan

The Swedish word for coziness is “Hygge”. And while I suspect few of us in Australia are thinking about home decor right now – during what is winter and lockdown for the majority of us there’s no doubt that as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, comfort becomes an essential.

Australia can be freezing in winter

The rest of the world thinks Australia has a temperate climate all year round, however, east and south of the country, our flimsy homes are built for summer temperatures, hence, woefully inadequate for the sudden drop in winter. Many of us still don’t have central or ducted heating.

“Comfort” means different things to different people.

But “comfort” means different things to different people. For some, it means being at one with nature and for others it means a beautiful meal, but for me, comfort is about nesting and making my home as inviting as possible.

And self-care is especially important right now, which is why I’m sharing with you this list of products that I couldn’t live without this winter:

1. Phone/computer. Some might argue technology isn’t a luxury item, but I think COVID-19 has highlighted the difficulties of maintaining connection, particularly with elderly, technophobic family members. My family is on the other side of the world and making contact with my uncle – who still uses an original Nokia – is more frustrating than the restrictions of lockdown. Many home entertainment stores have sales in winter, so make sure you and your family are fully connected.

2. Blankets – There’s no better time to support local businesses than right now, and you can never have enough blankets and throws. Great for chilly nights outside or in front of the tv, or as an added layer on your bed or for your pet, check out stores such as Adairs or Bed Bath N’Table for some great bargains.

3. Candles, Diffusers, Bath Oils – One of the few benefits of lockdown is the extra time for self-care, long baths, the time to look after my skin, exercise, or simply reading a book, replenish my energy. Why not use the money you’re saving by not going out and indulge yourself with some real luxury items. Candles, bath salts, and body lotions help alleviate my stress about our current situation. And if money is no object, Jo Malone London is a firm favourite for candles, bath oils, and perfume.

Photo from Jo Malone

4. Plants – Fill your home with plants. There’s no better way to bring the healing powers of nature into your home than with some fresh leaves. Flowers and pot plants energise me, and looking after them gives me some purpose during lockdown. If you’re feeling really adventurous, buy some seeds and grow your own herbs or salad vegetables.

5. New Manchester – Sheets and bedcovers are usually my last priority when it comes to spending, which is crazy when nothing give me quite as much pleasure as fresh sheets. What I love most about hotels are the crisp, freshly-laundered sheets, so I like to take advantage of the winter sales and indulge myself at designer Manchester stores such as Sheridan.

How do you indulge yourself?

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