Property Styling: Do I Really Need A Home Office?

Modern home office
Photo found on Pinterest from Katrina Chambers Blog

Since COVID reached our shores, our working conditions have changed. Most would agree for the better.

Where once most employees worked set hours in the office, many of us can now choose to work from home, facilitating a better work/life balance. And with improvements in technology and the increasing cost of commercial rents, that flexibility is beneficial to both employer and employee.

Research has shown a direct link between output and the happiness of employees, so it makes sense to listen to their needs. Which is why, properties that offer a home office option come at a premium and tick an important box on the priority list of many buyers.

You don’t need a lot of space to incorporate an office into your home, but if you do create one, make sure to maximise its functionality with adequate lighting, cable management, internet ports, and storage.

In larger properties, property stylists will usually dedicate a space or bedroom for an office, and you may have to be more innovative in a smaller property. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I was always surprised by the creativity of the home offices I saw in my job and the tiny spaces desks were squeezed into.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Image found on Pinterest from

Some areas you might want to consider for your work space are under the stairs, integrated in wardrobes, in the sun room, or any space or nook that is set apart from high traffic areas – and preferably the fridge!

If space is tight, a built-in desk might offer a better solution than a free-standing piece, and if your desk must be in the living area, a glass desk won’t dominate the space and may look aesthetically better.

For some great ideas about the best ways to create the workspace of your buyer’s dreams, check out this piece by Paige Smith – 6 Steps To Create The Perfect Workspace At Home.

Have you found an innovative space for your desk?

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