The 5 Essential Elements of “Boho Chic”

There’s nothing particularly avant garde about the popularity of Boho Chic in Australia – especially in coastal enclaves, where the culture lends itself to a more natural, laid-back look – nevertheless, it’s interesting to watch its popularity spread to urban areas.

Decluttering: The Starting Point To Selling Your Home

Chucking out your unwanted possessions or furniture that won’t fit in your next property is not only a no-brainer from a sales perspective, it endears you to your stylist if you are using one. By removing the rubbish you’ve accumulated over the years and reorganising what items you decide to keep, you create a cleaner, calmer space for your buyers to assess your home or investment property during their thirty-minute inspection.

Property Styling: Do I Really Need A Home Office?

In larger properties, your property stylist will usually dedicate a space or bedroom to create an office. That’s not as easy in smaller homes or apartments, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, and you’d be surprised by the creativity of home offices I’ve witnessed and the tiny spaces a desk has been squeeze into.

Nothing Says Luxury Like White Linen Sofas

While white and natural sofas are a stylist’s best friend, the colour is obviously not for everyone – ahem, young families and pet-lovers – and fortunately, many of the linen-look fabrics we are seeing in our stores right now are made from a blend of fibres that make them more durable and stain-resistant. Some sofas even come with slip-on covers for ease of cleaning.

5 Stunning Ways To Use Black In Your Home

“Black is the new black” for one very good reason – the colour never dates. As a result of its versatility, black has been employed in the styling of interiors throughout time and in every conceivable style of decor. Used as an accent, black can be used in any style of room – from Hamptons…

5 Reasons Buyers Love Neutrals

While it may look easy to craft a neutral scheme that looks effortless when it is finished, there is a fine art to getting it right. And success has a lot to do with texture and layering.